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The ASTER LIGHT is a new emerging brand that manufactures a variety of LED products in the lighting industry a new concept designed by engineers with decades of experience in the lighting industry. Sensitive to new technologies and market demand for energy-efficient products on the firm, located in Pieve Emanuele, are developed and manufactured articles, including customized LED. Production is constantly monitored by qualified staff, our products are totally tested to ensure high quality. With years of experience in the lighting industry we have a staff of designers, engineers and designers with great experience. The technicians specialized in the study of the lighting can provide 360 ° advanced technical support provost for providing an accurate study calculations and graphs for any environment,
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from single dwelling to shops and industrial buildings, offering the best solution and the best lighting products for a adequate lighting. Even for the relamping, we are able to provide adequate calculations and propose different types of LED lamps with an energy saving that can reach over to the 50/60 % and at the same time to a proper ambient lighting.

THE IMPORTANCE OF LIGHTING LED, THE ADVANTAGES OF THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY ARE REMARKABLE, led lighting allows a significant savings of electricity 50-70 % ,compared to traditional lamps, emit more light with less heat production. The LED lamps have an average life considerably larger than the traditional lamps, we are in the order of 40,000 / 50,000 hours against 2,000 hours of traditional ones, this allows another important factor to a minimum maintenance cost because, according to the use for about 10 years do not require action.
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Also, the LED lights are ecological and do not cause light pollution (as required by the CEI EN 62471) to protect the environment. As an example we have led spotlights of new technology with a consumption of about 10 watts provides the same light of traditional halogen light 50 watt consumption is practically a FIFTH, also the average length of a halogen lamp is about 2,000 hours, while a spotlight led more than 50,000 hours!
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The advantages of LED lighting are summarized below:

We have developed a series of products for civil lighting such as spotlights of various types, hotel lamps for lighting,
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civil and shipbuilding to the study and the realization of illuminated signs including a line of simple and elegant lamps SLIMMY called, a LED ducts between the brightest with light uniform with the ability to provide them any measure until more than 2.50 meters. We are able to develop products castom on request, we can provide technical support for any requirement and structures specially designed to meet specific needs. Were made at two pavilions P.A.C. (Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan)
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in collaboration with architects and designers of international fame. We have also collaborated with brands such as: